Räuchermänner or "Smokers"

Men and Women created from wood: Your friendly visitors from Saxon’s Erzgebirge!

The first reference to the smoker dates back to around 1830 in Saxon's Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). The particularly impressive skills of the craftsmen there ensured that the smoking figure was quickly recognised as a little treasure. These little wooden people with their diverse personalities and styles produce a lovely fragrance and simultaneously create a very special atmosphere, making them popular worldwide- and not only at Advent and Christmas time! Alongside those figures with a distinctly traditional and festive Christmas theme, there are also smokers available in a variety of more modern designs, suitable for any occasion and ready to fill the room with whichever wonderful fragrance you have selected!

We not only sell the "standing" figures, but also stock so-called "Kantenhocker" (figures who can perch comfortably on the edge of a table or shelf), as well as special sets with multiple figures on one larger base. We readily stock over 300 different wooden figures in our warehouse. Our smokers depicting various careers make particularly popular gifts!

So how does it work? How do these little people smoke?

Using a smoker couldn't be easier! Each figure usually has two halves. You simply open him up and place a "Räucherkegel" or a "Räucherkerze" (a little pyramid of incense) onto the bottom half, light it and then replace the top half of the figure. The incense will burn slowly inside the figure and the rising smoke will then make its way out through the small opening (usually the figure's open mouth!) and spread around the room, making the entire room smell pleasant. 

Herrmann Geschenke offers a great selection of these original Erzgebirge smokers, all of which come with a seal of quality, guaranteeing their method of production and German Erzgebirge origin.