Living Tradition –

Timeless and Decorative Porcelain Figures by Hummel

The M.I.Hummel® brand has been made famous by the ceramic figurine children that bear its name. The first M.I.Hummel figurines® were made more than 80 years ago, originally presented at the Leipzig Spring Fair. That was the beginning of an extraordinary success story.

Maria lnnocentia Hummel, also known as Berta, was a Franciscan Sister and a vivacious and gifted artist. Her original drawings of Bavarian children inspired the figurines that are beloved to this day. Sister Hummel's personal motto was "I want to give joy" , and that has become the inspiration for all M.I.Hummel® products.

The figurines are a showcase of happy youngsters, but they are also much more. The message behind the work is of utmost importance:

Every child deserves a childhood of innocence and joy!

The artist developed a visual language to communicate this message across generations. Her work depicts an ideal world free of fear, hunger, violence and disease - an environment of pure love. Now, 80 years later, that message is more relevant than ever.

Hummel Manufaktur is doing everything possible to uphold these values and carry them forward into the future.

Authentic M.I.Hummel figurines® are crafted in Rödental, Bavaria, in a complex and time-honored process. They are sculpted by hand, expertly cast, fired multiple times and hand painted with care.

The result is artistry that carries the message of Sister Hummel throughout the world. Today,

M.I.Hummel figurines® are admired and collected in more than 60 countries.