Goebel glass and porcelain -

a perfect gift for every occasion

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 1871, stehen künstlerischer Ausdruck, höchste Qualität und feinstes Kunsthandwerk im Fokus dieses Unternehmens. Ein Grund warum Goebel Porzellan mit seinen kunstvollen Goebel Figuren schnell international erfolgreich wurde.

Since its foundation in 1871, the company has focused its attention on achieving artistic impression, high quality and excellent craftsmanship. These key elements of the company explain the success of Goebel porcelain with its artistic Goebel figurines in the whole world.

For more than 140 years the name of the brand as well as the name Goebel itself stands for a high quality and outstanding craftsmanship. This famous porcelain manufacturer is located in Rödental the northern part of Bavaria near Coburg where his unique products are designed and manufactured. The range of the products created there includes various Goebel figurines, tableware and decorative items. Each article is carefully manufactured out of different materials with the use of manual labour.

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