Erzgebirge Christmas Pyramids

Bright Lights at Advent and Christmas

Nothing better compliments cosy, homely winter evenings in your living room and a warm, festive mood than these traditional Erzgebirge Christmas pyramids. These specialities encourage one to reflect during advent, whilst old and young alike look forward to the forthcoming celebrations!

Christmas pyramids, eye-catching and rich in detail, certainly create a particularly special atmosphere. The warm candle-light, along with the gentle rotation of our Erzgebirge Christmas pyramids, is sure to quicken the heartbeat of any fan of these handcrafted masterpieces.

Here at Herrmann Geschenke, you will find a large selection of genuine Erzgebirge Christmas pyramids in various sizes and designs, with between 1 and 6 floors and for use with either wax candles or electricity.